I’m adding this to my top 10 quotes of blissful ignorance because there is depth and texture behind the sentiment, but I don’t think this particular individual understands the true weight of what he said based upon the breakdown that followed it.

“I’m more afraid of life than death.” – Lil’ Wayne

Here is how he explained it:

“His response when asked if he’s scared of death:
F— no. I¹m more afraid of life than death. I don’t know where you going when you die, so I ain’t too scared of that. I already know what’s poppin’ around here. It’s scary out here.”

Now here is the fix. Do you know how much that statement speaks to the larger Black male populace who truly are so much more afraid of life than death that they would willingly chase after Death, that great unknown, than embrace what they know about Life? Is Life in this day and age truly so miserable that brothers don’t want to deal with what is ahead and would rather face Death as if they imagine themselves as having a fighting chance? Unfortunately, Wayne has too much ego behind his expression and I don’t sense a larger level of understanding around it. Pity that most who pick up that issue of Vibe won’t understand it either. Suppose that’s the way the publisher prefers it.


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