“Government is the science of making the most essential thing your priority.” – Rev. James L. Bevels

This will be my 3rd 4th attempt at starting this blog and writing the whole way through.  I’m such the perfectionist that when I pause in any particular effort, it is tougher than ever to regain the momentum to continue.  Such is Faith.  The will to press forward towards the completion of the task when one is not sure of what strength they possess to find the finish line.  Sincerity.  Such a proper word to be associated with Faith.  It is entirely possible for one to be as sincere in their ignorance and as they are in their intelligence.  I am quite certain that we can all attest to having been at one time fascinated by our own limited insight and given to zealotry, but in our quest for sincerity, we are overtaken with the need to stop trying to prove ourselves to any external entity for our lives are the only testament that will stand.  The number of debates that we win, intellectual or philosophical in nature, will never be as important as the lives that are touched, enhanced, and improved by our presence.

2010 has fallen upon me like a ton of bricks.  I was certain that it was just around the corner, but I don’t think i anticipated it would arrive with such a profuse manner of work still remaining to be done or continued.  Thus you find me blogging about Imani 7 days after the fact, but let this lend credence to the long beleaguered point of practicing Kwanzaa throughout the whole of your year.  Imani has marked my entrance into this new year and decade.  I spent the close of 2009 editing 3 books of poetry for a friend in New York who was going to publish in a matter of months.  Shabazz was back in operation January 4th and that means that it was back to the homework grind for Jah’kaya and I.  The Food Hub was set for January 9th.  Mama Sharon needed the final receipt tally for our deposit of the Ujaama Family Night proceeds to the business office.  Parent Council is in session with Mama Elaine today.

How do we go forward?  What drives us to continue in pursuit of the final goal?  Vision.  What is your driving vision that directs your course of action?  Place your sincere conviction and loyalty in that thing and stand your ground when the convergence of priorities and responsibilities would make you quiver and fall by the wayside.  Pick your feet up and continue walking forward.  This day, I call upon every fiber of my being to be devoted to the doing.

FAITH (IMANI)Knowledge: Sincerity of intentions marked by a firm belief, conviction, loyalty, and trust in something for which there is no absolute proof. Wisdom: To believe with all our heart and soul in our parents, teachers, leaders, people, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. Understanding: Without Faith, the mind is limited to what can be experienced of the senses. Intelligence is limited to what one has taken in throughout their lifetime. Imagination is only limited to what can be conceived of the mind. Imagination is the mother of vision. Lack of Faith in the vision produces unsurety in victory of the vision. Our progress in the struggle is directly proportional to our Faith in the righteousness and victory of that struggle. Faith is the foundation of Self Determination because no one has to coerce you to do for Self if you have Faith in your own importance.