Okay. Here I am. The innocent and naive baba going about my day washing off the newly delivered Juiceman juicer when what should I hear from the next room, but the most perfect voice in the planet announcing to her own world that Tasha was going to hang out with a boy. Aaaaaahhhh! Who is Tasha, you ask? Tasha Imani Tekhen was our latest delivery from a certain Bear Building Workshop. The boy in question is last year’s arrival, The Clover Kid, who was my attempt at building the ultimate good luck charm in the midst of the White Sox frenzy. What ever happened to two bears being able to sit over a cup of tea without having such defined gender roles? Alas, another time I suppose.

P.S. This is my first of what I suppose will be many mobile blogs from my Palm Treo 650. Since I sit in front of a monitor all day updating tickets and troubleshooting issues, I really hate doing so at home which is why I am such a late arrival to the blogosphere. I could get used to this sort of thing. God bless the moboblog.