The Black Humanist Experience: An Alternative to ReligionThe Black Humanist Experience: An Alternative to Religion by Norm R. Allen

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To be curious and black is not to be anomalous any longer. No. This was an intriguing assemblage of tales of the journey from a spectrum of belief through various stages of agnosticism, atheism, and humanism. I am fortunate enough to have a group of individuals in Chicago with whom I gather where we may discuss all of the various aspects of freethought that occur amongst us and how we might use these aspects to improve upon the world and the city around us. The most exciting part of our coming together I found was in the telling of the story of the journey that each of us undertook to reach our present circumstance.

Read this book if you have questions. See the process of personal analysis and critical thinking at work. Allow yourself to give into the curious if for but a moment and you will find yourself expanded beyond measure. But don’t stop at religion. Question social hierarchies, class structure, individual relationships, workplace conditions, and allow your questions to lead you through to a new understanding of humanity. If we are to be skeptics, we must not only be skeptical of religion or government, we must allow our skepticism to pervade in the truest sense, every aspect of our human lives.

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