let your ear dither
in the humble whisper
of hummingbird wings
whipping between time
beneath life
lifting and displacing
each deposit
of atmospheric pressure
building up
to form the capacity
for rapid flight


discover the wonder
of a hair follicle
unfolding under scalp
sculpting its position
pricking skin
and twisting
that wayward coil
upward into
intriguing bundles
of inoperable protein

((boink kink click))

you ever figure
there is a rhythm
in the ripping way
of them hardcover hulls
wrapped protectively
round the innards
of pistachos
or sunflower seeds

a particular method
of mouth movement
required to mine
some sloppy enjoyment
from ripe red
while minding
the few manners
great grammy
managed to
indoctrinate in you
by sway
or by switch

((snap crunch slosh mmmm))

track this vernacular
butter whips
cool lean
ready rock
like stone rollin’
so better you recognize
how i collect dialect
and deal in linguistic
only to get ghost
in translation
cause language
is a loose square
deserving my devotion
only insofar
as i can throw it

and i’m throwed
never slow to compose
a compressed
or met a morpheme
which didn’t warrant
in my mouthpiece
therefore they dismiss
my dialogue
require that i
should discard
my colloquial loincloth
for the coat of arms
of the intellectual
but i call it best
when i do both

lean heavy
into mastering
of sheet music
only to hard bop into
a much hipper future.

((chicka chicka bop a doodly skit skam))

pressure folds
roundabout us
to conform towards
oppressive standards
discover successful formulae
and turn creative process
upon permanent repeat
though us chemistry
ain’t quite balanced
to the axis
of continuity

is permission
to keep doing
the you that you do

This is Us.