…sufficiently taut
now taunting your inactivity
in moments which
beckon movement
when only clear necessity
is to breathe easy

while this disease
of disorganization
is eating me alive
though rashly reviving
a fierce desperation
to scrap for every inch
of life
i’ve left to reap

where time has me tethered
to all manner of terrible habit
every tool becomes a knife
i am reaching to free me
placing this premium
upon removing
defeatist strategies
of self restraint

i cain’t be constrained by cain’t
for an overwhelming able
escaped impending slaughter
nothing short of miraculously

fuck miracles!
i move masterfully
to implement a plan
with an addendum
of ever evolving

my personality
revising factors found
fitting no longer neatly
meet me again
for the first time forever
cleverly devising
new devices to adapt
for unforeseen changes
in the weather
whether you are ready
or not

here i come
with the raincoat
of a refugee
representing the genius
who can recreate
old greatness
in new spaces
refresh musky chambers
with new fragrance

i am flagrantly
flaunting the evasion
of my captors
those life chapters
who thought
me trapped
in that Green Mile
pending execution
but self sacrifice
was simply an illusion
providing cover
and time to change form

there is only so much
rope required
between here
and metamorphosis

if i shall dangle
my cocoon from any tree
let it be one
chosen exclusively by me.

butterfly cocoon 8