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NaPoWriMo 15:30 ~ Telegraphing The Bomba Drum

2012 04 15 17 59 19
Portrait of a Dancer by Martin Soto

His calloused fingers
unfolding before
the flirtatious eloquence
of her skirt’s
articulate flourish
bending towards
the weight
of her womanhood

Bada Bada Bada Bada Bada Bomp
Bada Bada Bada Bada Bada Bomp

Her careful carriage
of a hemline
held betwixt a twining
of lady fingers
like a handkerchief
delicate enough
to misplace
beneath a rhythmic

Budunk U Dun Budunk U Dun
Budunk U Dun Budunk U Dun

The joy
of children
coming apart
schoolyard loose
losing themselves
in this moment for life
like a ritual
layered in resurrection
of a remembered
denied them elsewhere
upon the fringe of society

Boonku Boonku Boonku Boonk
Boonku Boonku Boonku Boonk
Boonku Boonku Boonku Boonk
Boonku Boonk Boonku Boonk

The drum
plays Africa
Men and Women


Tracing the lineage
far from home
leaving no portion
of themselves
despite a change
in scenery

We shall never forget
the drum
this distress signal
bringer of otherwise
unutterable joy
mover of bodies
builder of resistance
to uncertain conditions
now come for us

A telegraph typed
in the frenetic
of his hips
her skirt
those hands
beating the skin
from Mayaguez
to M’banza-Kongo.

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