Rolling high noon
Sun like yolk of egg intact
perched upon a plate of sky
feeding freely light
to energize human activity

Twin pistols burning hot
aimed and ready
unable to Corral
an O.K. sense of ethics
before boiling point
when gunfight ensues
no bystander innocent
safe from catchment
of crossfire

We are trapped
in passage of time
reading the milliseconds
questioning a desire
to take our time
as the day labors on
laborers longing
for their time in the Sun
so work seems tedious
and reward lackluster

Let us prefer being seen
as players in a reality show
called Earth
where a Sun creeping
across the celestial meridian
is recognized to be
a deity worthy of worship

For only working ritual
which will earn you Heaven
is cultivating
a life of respect
for planetary cohabitation
and biospheric cooperation

Anything less
would be uncivilized.

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