she was
kemetic nasty
osiris resurrecting
penis power
from fires of passion
that i burn
each night
upon my bedroom altar

he was
kemetic nasty
washed ash wednesday holy
in the crutch waters
of me
like a new day
born of my vulva.

we sacrifice
tonal meditations
invoking pagan god
and goddess
of brown earth
as we sing
sacred temple songs
hum harmonies
that hearken
wiccan sensuality
moonlight magic
and sensual alchemy
shining sun shine hot
like Mercury
in dizzy revolutions
of everlasting

she drank my aqua vitae
we last life forever–
he lit my pilot
we combust forever–

i carved my name
on the walls
of her pyramid
and set booby traps
for foreign invaders.

i etched my insignia
on the contours
of his polyhedron
and pissed around the corners

no foreign invaders!!!