I’m back! Is there any particular reason that I’m back? No.
That’s a lie. I was recently contacted on MySpace by a sister who had been doing a search for the Seven Spoon cartoon and had come across my blog in the process (sidebar: Cool Girls (and Guys) Really Do Wear Glasses).  Now I had not the faintest idea that my little corner of writing was being indexed since I recalled seeing a place where you had to opt in and submit your blog to the index, but lo and behold I found it amongst the top spot in a few searches that I attempted. This is excellent because when I write for any purpose I am ever attempting to give some sort of light or attention to my subject which would be rendered ineffective if I could fail to snag a few folks from the awesome beast that is Google.
In any case, I suppose that you are wondering where I have been. I have not had much time to devote to the blog in light of my participation in a forum known as The Black Poetry Cafe which is without question the best and most diverse poetry site and artistic networking forum online today. In order to flesh out my empty blog space, I may syndicate some of the reviews and posted activities that have been going on there to The Literate Epoch, but I am ever in search of original thought which only occurs moment to moment. I have included a link below to their site.
I have met someone that kind of makes the spirited free verse of each passing day feel like the song of eternity. I have realized how deeply I fell for another person. I have realized that the pen I tend to play with so willfully just might hold greater possibility than I have ever assigned to it. I have realized that what you say and do with each day matters.
I will likely lay aside trying to go back and dredge up for you all of the feelings that were evoked when performing “The Literate Epoch” for the attendees at the True Love For The Culture album release, but suffice it to say that I gained an expanded artistic respect for my brother Karega Ani who participated on that project. Expect a review and introduction of some of his material in the future.
The participation in this project led to further work with Unsilenced Press on the Domestic Violence Awareness month feature “Brothas On The Mic” which was a magnificent show of talent and respect for sisters, sisterhood and the solidarity of brothers behind that ideal. I have realized that I’m weird and quirky for all of the right reasons and rather than begrudging myself these quirks, I had better find people who appreciate them or I will never be happy, content, or satisfied. Expect me to lose none of these lessons going forward. My apologies for the disjointed thoughts, but I now know it to be better to say something even if it lacks the full clarity than to continue to muddle with it in your head until your forget it in favor of another thought.


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