i am sneakthief
cat burglar / leerily
minutes / of escape
swift into literature
where leads life
these legs of mine
for study / sturdy eyes
affixed upon
target of written
creeping atop a terrace
through windows
false walls
hidden doors

i am sneakthief
cat burglar
scoping hour
of shop closure
whence workers
take leave
searching home
wresting my way
through lockpick kit
shifting pins
and barrels
for precious content
auspiciously bound
by fallen trees
slain then recomposed
in dusty stacks
concealing themselves
as inconspicuous
paper weights
i will not be
a discount of
ten fingers
two cerebral
sponging information
from a puddle
of lifted pages

i am sneakthief
cat burglar
self contained
creature of night
by moonlight
the language
of ancients
by daybreak
moving through
a banquet
of tanka
a thirst for theft
finds my cup
ever empty
a broken spigot
some accidental
in whose rich
well water
i might immerse
and replenish

the fount of youth
newly found
reaching for
a bookshelf
i am sneakthief
cat burglar
stealing away
once more
to renew my mind
fresh from formulating
an enhanced theory
of everything
all bits of insight
over time
from reaching
nimble phalanges
between the lines.