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Waiting On Superman

if you wait

the music as moses
will part that steady stream
of club roving indoor pedestrians
whom have finessed into a fine art
the spilling of their drink

those groping apes
will grow increasingly bored
of reaching for a fleeting wife
to lay claim and pillage
for obligatory grinding
and grumble their way
from the dancefloor taunting
"dis party some bullshit."

yes you
who are far too important
to mind engaging this music
this life
this rhythm
in this moment
will scuttle your ass off
to a cozy club corner
to continue texting that mighty urgent
post midnight business matter
to subtle chants of "Thank God!"

the drunken disorderly man
in his own personal mosh pit
will finally make time
for a face to face consultation
with the porcelain oral surgeon
and stop bumping everybody
in and out of their damn groove

those who came to pose for pictures
will find no more friends worth
standing still for and retreat
to the vip section
to end their evening
sitting on uncomfortable couches
nursing expensive drinks

if you wait

the dancefloor
the flickering lights
the dj
the music
will move you
for there is needed but seconds
to make a lasting imprint
and space will clear
and celebration will ensue

if you wait

patient enough
to never stand still
to hydrate
and hoard the music
and hold your peace
you can heal all those
broken toes
and wounded melodies
and shout your song
through physical

if you wait

others will remember
the real reason for being here
and the dance
will be a contagion
spreading like love
and wildfire
and pandemonium
cause we are
not like crazy
in this asylum
where pills won’t suffice
to dispense this
pent up frustration
we just want to shake it loose
because tomorrow
life will wind it up
once more

and if you wait
you just might
snap your rubberband
in two.


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Posted by on February 22, 2011.

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