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True Love For The Culture Album Release Party

Listen To The True Love For The Culture Compilation Here

What do you create when you combine one of the loves of my brief Life, Tigi Nii, with her own undying devotion and love for the people particularly the young people? You create a brief, yet potent compilation of artists who have come together out of their mutual love, respect, and admiration for the youth to give voice to messages that were felt might enrich their souls and stimulate their minds.

The plan for the project is that it will be distributed both locally and nationally directly to youth and organizations that work with youth in a mission to spread the message in the music. The website listed above features not only each of the tracks included on the compilation, but also the method of contacting Tigi in order to obtain FREE copies of the compilation CD and its associated chapbook for your organization. The chapbook includes the lyrics to these magnificent compositions as well as bios of the feature artists and a closing message from each artist to the youth.

On Saturday, August 25th, the release party will be held at Mercury Café located at 1505 W. Chicago Ave. at 7:30 pm. The project will feature Zenif Be.P, Camil Williams, Tekhen, Karega Ani, Veronica Bohanan, and e.nina.jay. In addition to the poets and MC’s already featured on the project, the release party will feature the highly talented all female live band, Molly Sue Africa. Now I was only blessed to have a single rehearsal date with these sisters, but the way they pulled together the improvisation of my backing track for this session was nothing short of marvelous.

For those who have never heard me reference myself as such, I am the artist featuring as Tekhen on the track with Karega Ani, a brilliant artist out of Detroit and if I may make a modest claim, the track is something extraordinary. If you are in the Chicago area, check in to this event for some dynamic performances and find out how you can assist with sending this injection of love out to the heart of youth where it is sorely needed.


Mikey ~ Tekhen ~ The AOMuse

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