we are all born with little to no preparation for this thing called life it is that which is simply thrust upon us with a break from our watery world and a bright jolt of light followed by some very extensive physical violation by people called doctors by this world so begins our introduction to this thing so aptly called life from the old english life meaning continuance and perseverance we are pulled from those wonderful wombs which have reared us for what might have been to us an eternity before we were introduced to this world’s concept of time and suddenly we are asked to adjust to being placed in this continuum but we do not adjust we simply grow older and wiser to the ways of maneuvering within something we do not ever truly understand we grow maladjusted pursuing all that this world directs us to pursue tailoring our interests within the boundaries of what this world deems acceptable we cloak ourselves in mist and shadow never truly experiencing the deepest degrees of who we are occupy our time with those base survival needs identified in maslow’s hierarchy when we finally seek self actualization it has most often been motivated by the realization of our own mortality which offers no real insight into the knowledge of god and self at all because such knowledge is sought after out of a purely selfish purpose…end rant for today

echo back from an old live space posting

the ao(gotthought?)