The Grizzly is a choice. These fickle follicles my purposed determination to work through life upon my own terms exemplified by the expanding sage brush cloaking my face. I decided that I should not be buttressed by those conditions concerned with consuming my humanity.  If I would gauge my own reaction, I could find happiness, passion and sustained progress in any circumstance.  I started by not cutting my hair firmly affixed to the notion that should the desire arise to trim in the future, this conclusion would be rooted in a personal hunger for change and neither reaction to external influences nor habituated behavior.  All things else involving dance, writing, investigation and rhetoric grow outward from that point.  This unruly mane is a mere representation of those unyielding exploratory boundaries.

The Grizzly is an exercise in non-conformity.  Coming forth from five years pursuing the corporate doughnut, a layoff moved me to reject the reconstruction of my persona that I might curry favor in each new contractual arrangement which the day presented.  I refuse to cave to a particular countenance that you might consider me accepted.  It is preferred that you evaluate my qualifications and expect that I arrive here to complete an assignment for which you shall render payment whereupon I will leave the office in search of a real life.  I will not work the extra shift.  I will not stay later that you might see my diligence and intense work ethic as a beacon of excellence amongst my peers.  I will not pretend that I like people in whom I have no discernible interest.  All cordial behavior should be interpreted as my authentic appearance unless I give you cause to consider otherwise.  This face is filled with a dense and nappy forest of fierce honesty beholden to no truth larger than the ability to readjust your position.

The Grizzly is free expression.  This always casual chorus of human song singing nothing short of curious.  He who carries instruments familiar only by name.  Together we shall learn from one another and reveal the secrets to be discovered in  progression.  The path I walk is winsome; barefoot.  Smooth as Mississippi mud.  On occasion.  Sticking to ribs thick.  And cleansing Alabama clay.  Appalachian rock hard gravel.  I don’t dance.  I merely dodge wind.  Slip between humans.  Two foot placement.  One in front of the other.  Finding novel ways to make my missteps look rhythmic; classy.  Carrying no camera so significant that I cannot count the beauty in the blinking of an eye.  The intensity of a sunset on a slightly moistened summer day.  This chin chuckles at the light which lives through children and challenges itself each day to lean into that level of illumination.

The Grizzly is detached…unhinged…disconnected from all that won’t matter, but finding new fascination with each aspect of a living Earth as the hair grows unmanaged contemplating the communal possibilities.