this language cuts clean
to come across none too brash
or bristle
rough cuts to her ear
are bound to make her
and all too capable
of breaking
Grandma taught me
to be never careless
when playing round her
porcelain figure
figures some negroes
could care less
for the informality
of the flirtation
they give her
i hope to deliver
a sharper edge
may I dance light
upon it
but never fall over
be not drunk
off the wine
of your own arrogance
be stoic
confidently sober
show her
that you have learned
methods of wooing
which move a slight slower
than the age of digital media
see your fantasy
made available to you
but me
i lather bay rum
and shave that
sage brush away
with a gentleman’s razor
might play her game
of winks
long walks
innuendo laced talks
but i balk at the basis
laid for most modern
relation ships
for i have seen them
unable to tread water
or weather a rough sea
without smashing
Titanic hull
upon an iceberg
that might simply
be an ice cube
but when you ain’t
with one another
those mustard seeds
do seem a might huge
sexuality is human
but its expression
is the art of choosing
through a careful pruning
of this imperfect placement
of words
where i won’t always
say the right things
but i will ever make right
all the things i say
upon the edge
of my gentleman’s razor