"never whisper a breath of conversation into the night air that you would not wish to flavor the wind of a morning rising." – me

her discussion is butterfly talk
i can’t keep it in the space
of just one place
long enough
to capture this photograph
for the moment
i’ve properly seated
my flash bulb
she’s found
another flower
and i’ve found her
just as magnificent
as first landing
glorious nature
still unable
to pin her down
for in captivity
she might die
but i
just want to examine
her specimen
a moment longer
than she would allow
and my eyes
are getting no younger
for soon i fear
i’ll be unable to see her
and not acknowledging
her flutter
would certainly
be a travesty
for she wields
a whirlwind
in her wings

and i’m just all..
turned around


the aoback(words)