She said she studied Yoga
I told her that I would know her Surah
Before I came to know her Sutra
She told me that the story was the same
One of necessary restraint
Folding fluently
Into fixed position
Now she a tree pose planted
With I poised to stretch her branches
Can you slow the blow of your Prana
While I pluck all 12 petals
Off the flower of your Anahata
Heart chakra blooms unfettered
On a bed of feathers
Hands tethered – Eyes covered
5 abstentions within Yama
Sensory ascetism – Sexual repression
Expression – Exception
Osiris’ resurrection rises to salute Isis
May I uncoil my Kundalini
On the path of enlightenment
Assisted her stretch
That I might crouch into the seat
Of Lord Vishnu’s Couch
And readjust the cushion
Concoct new language for coitus
While we lay beneath cotton Kush-ing
Upper and Lower Nubia reunite
Tantric concentration
Regulating the desire to push
In – Out
Open the lower belly chakra
Emit a combination of wind
And a diaphragmatic yell
Retrofit our yellow aura
To intersect with red impression
Unpeel citrus orange Love
Hazy Hendrix Purple Experience
Sound – Touch – Sight – Taste – Smell
That In Not Order
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Downward Facing Dog
Sturdy Arms – Steady Waist
Sturdy – Steady – Stoic state
Stealing glance at sacred hallway stretched straight
Until vertebrate failing longs for escape
Surya Namaskara
Sing a salutation to the Sun
To which your Self has been surrendered
Settle into…Sukhapadma Asana
The backwards blooming Lotus blossom
As we fold ourselves one into another
And each other into horizontal rebirth
Resting a hand upon the manipura
Grazing the goosebumps of your solar plexus
While we succumb to the spell of Shiva
Closing our eyes
Only to stretch our minds
Though the practice of Yoga.