Carving an uncertain path
through cavernous circuitry
minding my destiny
as a dexterous machete
to sever a treacherous tangle
of transistor tubes

I am forked road tuning
pitch black screen time
urgent need
of further instruction

Knob twisting meticulously
determined to fix upon
an Ultra High Frequency
yet this picture glows
nowhere near perfect

Coat hangers
Rabbit ears
Full supply of foil
I am one rooftop antenna
from filming new episodes
Of Life Beneath The Surface

Though at present I am surfing
Searching my programming
and prioritizing each show
within the lineup precisely

Eschewing Nielsen ratings
The allure of Sweeps Week
for sufficient
consistently brilliant content

Content to go unwatched
if it means I shall hold
to principled theatrical

Shuffling ain’t fixed in my mission
for this mental is packed with ideas
on the cusp of electrical greatness

Where my channel is lacking in clarity
I serve visions of pure authenticity
Each intention laid bare naked
On screen stage and page

Where Bad Girls, Idols and Shores
have made informed voyeurism
The manifest method of deflecting attention
from reflecting on your condition

I am
a one man rebuke
to you
who refuse to change
the station
at what your reality
is now showing.

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