I love language.  I love the way syllables and sounds interact and collide with one another.  The manner in which words are sent as an audible conveyance of information and emotion that are received by the listener.  I love to see the reactions that certain words and sounds illicit from the listener as they process the new information that is being issued in their direction.  Whether academic, professional, or creative in nature, words matter to me.

Kuumba.  Whatsoever it is that you choose to do in your Life, imprint upon it the stamp of your own unique and magnificent manifestation.  Creativity.  You are in a Genesis at this very moment.  As another period of time is ending, the next stage of your existence is beginning.  How will this new Earth look?  What will the air smell and taste like?  Does the sky have to be blue?  The old wisdom goes that if everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking at all.

The principle of Kuumba admonishes us to always bring our own perspective to the task of rebuilding the nation, community, and world because systems of change come from the active participation of all parties in the outlining of the solution.  You are more likely to be focused on building and fortifying a structure in which you have truly invested some amount of emotional and mental capital.  Revolution is not a spectator’s sport.  There is a distinct difference between the satisfaction of one’s ego in midst of fruitless arguments and true debate.  Debate of the highest form comes from a desire to see a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.  Debate creates time tested and thoroughly vetted solutions that will withstand the external forces that are sure to come when the idea that has been implemented begins to seize upon its success.

Only in Kuumba can we understand each other as unique and different genetic imprints within the fabric of the community.  None of us will be able to move forward without first harvesting the information contained within the myriad expressions spread throughout the entire community.  In other words, we need each other. – tekhen djehuti

CREATIVITY (KUUMBA)Knowledge: The quality of being marked by the ability or power to make, produce, or bring into existence a new course of action through imaginative skill. Wisdom: To always do as much as we can, in any way that we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Understanding: Whether you see us as Direct Reflections, Sons, or Successors of the Creator, we are endowed by the Supreme Intelligence with the distinct ability to create and express creativity. It is the nature of all things in Life to be creative. Evolution is the creative expression of nature. So must we also evolve with our ever changing times. Our Ancient and Modern forefathers and foremothers bestowed upon us a legacy of greatness and it is our duty to maintain that legacy in a creative manner unique to our generation.