Steeped in stupor
such that natural
offers little comfort
when considering
unnaturally brutal
human behavior

Besotted by a belief
that principled justice
lies somewhere
beyond man’s reach
in fictitious constructs
in their engagement
of Earthly operation

Pacing ourselves
to wait on world
if we are patient
and bedazzled
by the mystery
of our irrational ability
to manufacture
a universe that orbits
entirely around Us

meet your reflection
whose kiss can kill
curse the cat
who blackened your path
and the ladder offering
no route around
which forced you below
while someone else
was getting over

Poverty is no parlor trick
from a preponderance
of penurious thoughts

Racism is rich
with working fingers
of active oppression
not to be defeated
by mere discourse
around revolution

The world is shifting
beneath the feet
of pedestrians
who peddle
the pedantic precepts
of primitive prophecy
as insurance policy
against global disruption

Luck don’t live here
Lose no time
laboring over 7 years
of broken mirrors
before you pause
to clear your path
of the fractured
shards of glass.

“…when you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.” ~ Stevie Wonder