I’m sorry ya’ll. I must have been on the late train. I happened to be channel surfing across VH1 Soul when I landed upon an artist by the name of Geno Young. The warm melody and subtle vocal stylings of Young combined with an almost unbearably sweet video make for a song that grabbed and held my attention inspiring me to follow after the trail of this artist. Ghetto Symphony is the name of his debut album. Little did I know, but came to discover that he was the vision behind those seminal works, “Time’s A Wastin” and “Orange Moon”, from Badu’s Mama’s Gun album. You mean the source behind one of Erykah’s most understated classics has a solo work all his own? I had to jump on it. Then he enlists Celia from Les Nubians to play a part in bringing vision to the voice. I can’t take this one out of rotation in my Miro player. I will be back with a review of the album once I have it on hand. I haven’t forgotten to give you an update on that True Love for the Culture event, but I was waiting until I finally uploaded the pictures. Until next time, stay sweet like honeydew.