Self Portrait, originally uploaded by AOmuse.

Nothing is more noble than the picture painted of you within the eyes of a child. If I judged from the above picture, maybe a better choice of adjective would be ignoble. I recall that at the height of my relationship with South Central Community Services I had reached a point of ecstatic joy at the fact that I felt I was in a place where I was accomplishing my purpose.

The dark side fell upon me when I came to the realization that not only was I not being paid what I was worth, but that I would never be paid any sum above the amount that they had allotted to the position on my date of hire. I was crushed. Every day in my time that I had opportunity to offer insight to a burgeoning young mind was a new level of insight as to why I had accepted the ministry placed upon our shoulders by Minister Ezekiel Khepera.

I had a voice that was soft in tone, but explosive when provoked to a position of thoughtful expression. A voice that I had truly never known or rarely used until I understood why I had to speak. The above portrait will remain a favorite of mine for years to come. It is a simple portrayal of a character with his thoughts flying in too many directions at once although the student fancied himself drawing my stringy locks.

I will experience many openings in the next few seasons as Michael, but there was one season in time where I was Mr. Strode and I will not fail to return to that time when I can affect change upon the greatest measure of the growing hive mind that is inner city youth.