okay fam here is the challange: take a member’s existing avatar and write a piece on it.  not about the poet per say, but about their avatar, if the two are not one and the same. – alvetta


these roots
in the color
of chlorophyll
against an aura
golden flecked
rich with sun
renew me each day
we arrive
self sustained
this stem stands
with backbone firm
i am not
fragile flower
i am
to transform
each issued
from mere
greenhouse gas
to the oxygen
of a new day
i inhale
the rich aroma
of creation
to exhale
a living wind
grasp a handful
of dark earth
when you forget
what is real
water my garden
for the fruit
i produce
shall be
to feed
hungry nations
as you eat
from my
giving tree
resist the urge
to pluck
me barren
honor our
symbiotic cycle
as we feast
upon each other
find fullness
in tempering
your appetite


the aodevelopmentarrested