Some time ago I made a conscientious decision to stop posting so much poetry on this blog.  I had become concerned that the blog would be too consumed with my personal writing to prove itself an effective evangelist for this notion called the Literate Epoch.  It it my fervent desire to encourage humans to return to a time of great writing, literature and critical thinking.  I felt the need to branch out in order to accomplish this task.

Initially I went dormant on the blog.  For long periods, I would post nothing.  Then I would return with a spartan bit of prose or freewriting which I had done on hiatus.  I began to maintain an exhaustive reading schedule to expand my thoughts on previously unexplored ideals which traded upon my burgeoning atheism and skepticism.  This gave way to the desire to review books that advanced the intellectual, literary and revolutionary aesthetic that I had hoped would define this Literate Epoch.

When feeling misunderstood in my rapidly shifting opinions, I found an outlet through essays on subjects that I felt would inspire critical thought.  Slowly these elements have begun to bond together into a cohesive whole.  I feel the blog has sufficiently expanded its wellspring of ideas that a return to poetry would not dilute that level of progress.  I thought I should prepare you as I begin to dig into this rich dark compost of unfinished ideas and fashion a garden that I hope shall flourish in the minds who allow it to take root.