voudoun priestess
whispering magic
gris gris sachets
behind husky alto
possessing my limbs
twisting tendons
and ligaments
into a frenzy
that it might accept
each slow injection
of her holy water
birth me
a sun moon child
hum me ishi
in meditative tones
lead me alone
in wilderness
with knowledge
that i may always

wash my face
in indigo soul
make me
Krishna blue black
Ausar resurrected
Buddha enlightened
siphon off the pain
from the gas tank
of my soul
give me the fuel
i require
to rise up and go
break apart
my heart beat
with an ill placed snare
unnerve my being
with an unwavering stare
pierce my transparency
and call it insufficient
for one who deems himself
a devotee
until my gyrations
crush flesh bone
and my motion
from a place
soul deep
kiss me with
a screeching yell
bathe me
in the baptism
of your Banshee
call upon someone
to cry
today i died
like a Bennu bird
consumed by flames
the opera house
as i danced
into ecstasy


the aoishi