so without giving up someone obvious as the first wife (‘specially since my only known wife went and kissed some other woman ‘fore me : all i know is that the both of youse best to fix me a dynamite dinner when ya’ll done making out [image] ) : i’m going to introduce for those that don’t know : this lil’ dumpling who goes by the name "get_christie_love" : damn : i fawn over her words : like bambi to mama doe : that’s not her real picture above : [image] ((at least i don’t think)) : and my eyes first locked with her words : while i was engaged in reading "my midnight meditation" over at the soultry forum : what do i know of her? : she’s a detroit-ite : or is it detroit-ian? : hell : she live in motor city : and she has this wicked unkempt humor : appearing in random intervals : not unlike the feigned foolish wisdom of my ‘nother other wife : and that’s about it : she don’t pop up her head many places any more : not even her own damn forum [image] : barring the occasional quirky remark : or poetic spill : at the projx : so i ain’t had a proper exchange with her : but as with all my wives : someday : we’z gon’ make sweet, passionate poetic bliss together : as we walk down the aisle of words : here’s a sampling of what she did on : midnight meditation : and how i had to come back : to snuff out the bedroom lights

my midnight medtation

you don’t know this
i like to sleep facing
your back-
i like to slip in
closer and closer
until my forehead is
resting between your shoulder blades and
when you sigh,
it caresses where my bangs
used to grow.
you don’t know this
i like to sleep
with my arm on your thigh,
resting in the crook of your hip where it starts to get
a little rough to the touch.
most men have it.
that rough patch right where the hips are
i like to feel it
you don’t know this
i like to sleep on my side
facing your back,
and i raise my inside arm to
play with your face
trying to wake you then
i act like
i’m still asleep. and when
you drift off
i do it again this
it’s my favorite part of all because
if i succeed
in arousing a sneeze then
i’ve got your full attention
and i wait
til you flip over,
and i flip over,
facing my back
with your arm on my waste cutting off the circulation but
i don’t move it
i love you and
i deserve it.

and you deserve
every moment
of your obliviousness
because i love you
for you don’t know
that i sneak you
an extra glass
of chardonnay
before bedtime
because i love the way
your ass wiggles
when you rush to release
in the dimly lit walk
to bathroom door
you don’t know
that i recognize
every dimple
in every cheek
even in darkness
you don’t see me peek
beyond the barrier
of your dressing screen
you don’t hear
my hushed scream
or notice that
i bite my nails
at the sight
of your silhouette
tiny flickers
of light
that illumine
my thoughts
a quarter past midnight
as you tickle
and i ignore
to implore
to continue
the game
but you don’t notice
that this
midnight samsara
is my focus
as i shift from
my right side
to a position
that eventually sends
my left arm
into numbness
by morning
you don’t know
that i would rather
be discomforted
in your comfort
than experience
a moment without
you knowing me.


the aofeigningignorance