“no. i’m repatriating back to my homeland.”

…and it topples
the heart
like shifty shelf work
comprised of
all the knowledge
in Alexandria
vociferously burning
for loss of opportunity
diminished probability
of full forgiveness

this memory
of being whole
wafts away
like gifted ashes
to the sky
where present soil
once held
hopeful restoration
within its bosom

a lingering
of US-full-ness
the dust she leaves
shaking loose her boot
at customs
may undoubtedly
mean dislodging
some little grain of me
once wedged within
the heel plate

under duress
negotiating flight gate
security theater
perhaps a follicle of hair
mistakenly tucked
in a coat pocket
7 years hence
would just
jostle loose
its semi-detached
and our rupture
solidify into permanence

i am a long distance
who has mastered
the poetry of pining
in secrecy
yet secretes
electrolytic lyrics
while chasing pipe dreams
of the love i want
shaped curiously
like the love i had

i am a world class
Olympic torchbearer
of flames
which are never quite
and somehow always
racing between
successive burnings.