were it not for
the 24 hour news cycle
i would have seen her
she was passing by
late in the evening hour
the big ten network
held a gymnastics meet
which had me absolutely
and so for one more day
i missed my chance meeting
with God
blame it on twitter alerts
and the cat
who some nights
to allow me leave
to clutch the bed close
the whole way through
or kefir
that rich and milky
kept calling me
from the fridge
now since one
can not possibly
consume kefir
on an empty stomach
i warmed
those divine collards
and sauteed the tofu
bedded a salad
more successfully
than i do my own head
turned up the lights
so as not to consume
this dish in darkness
and indulged my appetite
food was but the first
it finished
when i had answered 11 emails
changed 7 channels
posted on 5 walls
watched 6 videos
burned 3 dvds
and cleaned the kitchen
as i returned to slumber
with but an hour’s distance
between me and daybreak
i wondered

if i could make
these 8 hours count
what sort of conversation
would God & i share?