In surgical
waiting room
where life is stretched
like a clothesline
betwixt two high rise
buildings dangling
delicately within
the balance

In bedroom chamber
when lovers meet
in a midnight embrace
and the intention
towards cordiality
buckles beneath
the cresting wave
of loins calling forth
a fiery reconciliation

in commute
finding two strangers
engaging each other
across a broad expanse
of weather or workplace
small talk
escaping further
into the unexplored
of the frontier
called friendship
where they carve
into the landscape

Plasticity is
a pending casualty
of learning to leave open
your listening ear

The storyteller tends
the hearth
of burning honesty
where heat is this
shared glow of protection
preserving our
elemental humanity

Community is
the contingent outcome
of a consistently available
for all whom hold stake
in its flourishing

A gainful return
on the fastidious
of authenticity.