possessed of
this adhesive humanity
each one a gummy go-between
whom agglutination has gifted
with a fluorescent vest
and pea whistle
lest we visionaries
positioned as all drive
and no steer
plow fearless
into one another
as a row of whirlyball cars
each at once
advancing emphatically
towards the goal

their approach is tacky
tactile and stubborn
sticky steadfast and stable
a trickle of water
who rested in a river basin
and carved Ongtupqa
with the patience
of a wood whittler
nicking away at everything
other than the face
of its foremost presentation

let them guide us
along streets so richly lit
halt our progress
to perceive others in passing
slow us down
where pedestrians approach
for they cause us to remember
the road we share with others
and have never driven alone

when you are paused
at a cultural intersection
trust in the insight
of a connector
to bring you home
making you wholly aware
that while great emphasis
is placed
upon your destination
parallel movement
is extant everywhere.