am i misunderstood?
you insist that
i should
not solicit the
of broad qualifiers
for nuance is a nuisance
distance myself from
verbal diplomacy
contort my dialogue
to be constructed
in a form
the common man
can understand

for a moment
can i not request
that you stretch the
narrow precepts
born in your mind
since the beginnings
of your lifetime
there is burden
enough on your lifeline
and learning is
not the bucket
you planned to carry
so late in the day

i should search my soul
for some level of empathy
for the remnants
of your ignorance
and be obliged to
frame my argument

mother was a realist
and father
informed me
with a fierce logic
which forces me
to wrestle
with all manner
of demon
this hellish world
would invoke
including your desire
to comprehend my work
without researching
my words

for i am certain
words matter.