have we
tiptoed tepidly
through the cargo cabin
of a craft in flight
at 15 thousand feet
in elevation
from initial point
of lift off
clasping hands
while coasting closer
to the eminent cracking
of our equally
fragile egos

Last minute
of chutes
our only solace
from an impending
social demise

Once we thumb
whilst each of us
rode a unicycle
over a packet
of homework
three sheets in length
leading to an argument
pleasing to neither
leaving she
with teary eyes
and I a fearsome
throbbing vessel
in my right temple

At the furious core
of this continuum
leaking with the
half life
of excruciating anger
love is still burning
nuclear fusion
my ability to be
acutely explosive
thus a meltdown
was scarcely averted

Two emotional
national entities
declared a treaty
of disarmament
where peace
on Earth
is a tenuous
prospect requiring
a patient gardener
to tend the field

We take chances
dancing lightly across
she holds steady
her core
atop my shoulders
I measure the base
where gravitational
balance lives

We give
We take
We break
We bargain
We fold our cards
We finish, focus and start again

have we tiptoed tepidly
through the cargo cabin
measuring space, weight and utility
of each object contained therein
she co-pilots my flight captain
navigating unfriendly skies
each teaching the other
the latest maneuver
no didacticism required
the object is to be receptive
so that no one knocks us off
our plane.

Hearts filled with fuel
and recharged by the sun.

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