i got to wondering about playlists.  almost everyone has a deep connection to certain music.  i came up with this just kinda messing around with my playlist. – bhang

tag: poeticize your playlist

1. put your music player on shuffle.
2. press forward for each of 25 songs
3. use each song title in consecutive order as one line of the poem.
4. press forward one last time and use song #26 as your title.
5. write foreign language titles in the original along with the english translation on the same line.

Win The G
Too Much
Let It All Go
Lie To Me
The Shining
Lik A Shot
The Finish Line
8 Steps To Perfection
Bottle Of Jesus
Soul On Ice
Simple Words
Message Of Love
Dirty Love
Go Ill
Watch Their Eggs
Dirty South
Lazy Bones
You’re A We
Let Me Do My Thing
Valentine’s Day


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