i still
walk behind
everything you ever wrote
like the fall that goeth
after the sin of pride
we still
be children chasing dreams
like we can’t get woke
on a September 2nd school day
after a particular long summer
when will we ever learn?
he still
be a stupid boy
like skipping high school
and shopping the mall
in his letterman’s jacket
she still
be beautiful
like she was birth
from morning dew
shot at close range
with 15 megapixels
we still
paint a pretty picture
they still
waiting for sunrise
like grandpa robert
forking the land
before half the day is done
i still
remember sweetness
like first piece of pecan pie
smeared on baby face
in childhood high chair
and it tastes like warm
i ain’t made of steel
and i honor
these muddled emotions
i’m still


the aostillborn