Editor’s Note: This poem was written in response to a piece titled “Internal Error” by Korea Jackson which I cannot locate at present, but will post to the blog with her permission at some point in the future.  She has a marvelous selection of emotional experiences upon which she draws in order to inform her writing.  Do take time to visit her blog.  It does not disappoint.


we can rebuild her
we have the technology
better than she was before
better ~ stronger ~ faster
and more beautiful

i see the suppleness
of your coding
your former
was designed to hide

you my
electric lady
missing metal alloy
meant for love

i seize upon
the opportunity to solder
your circuit board
you are not ever

you are molded
what substance
the sculptor’s hands
held out long for
until the exceptional
Eve of Creation
became you

and though
he named you
when he was unable
to tame
the magnificent
accuracy of
your algorithm

i know your numbers
were lain
in synchronicity
i can count
the calculations
you correct
in my seconds
you improve
my performance
you are woman
and good thing

let us be subject
and scientist
if it be sinful
that man
and android
should cleave
to one another

let me die
my coming hell
while living in your lap
and receiving electric
rejuvenation from
your kiss

ghost your image
i’ll host the whole
of your memory
and overflowing
this 120 terabyte
data center
we’ve banked away

none shall ever
how a man
made a woman
who was designed
to remake
this man

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