Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Hold the phone. Did she say that she wrote this after visiting a website where everyone was spewing their venomous insight on why they hate Jill Scott. I wish more artists had as fluid a method of analyzing their emotions as this one. All things have their root in a context of creativity if we are willing to visualize past the present moment. If this is where you go from hate, I have some rough drafts of some very acidic hate mail that I need to send your way. The haters must be stewing in the juice of their own mediocrity right now.

I can’t stand you! Always Gettin’ In My Way and throwing Honey Molasses on my plans. I Think It’s Better that you never Cross My Mind cause you won’t be experiencing any Love Rain. I will take A Long Walk to Philly and get down like Whatever and when I leave, I will be Golden. (Come on girl, you know I was just playing, right?)


The AOIntelligent