Black Hug 0

On February 26, 2012 shortly after 2:00 pm, I met at the Red Line terminal on the north side of 87th Street with four other superb human beings fostering a single determined intention in mind to love as many Black people as we could locate our arms around within the span of one hour.  This action was performed as part of Black Love In Public which is a collaborative demonstration of public affection for Black people designed to dissolve barriers to intimacy, honesty and communication transcending age, gender or class.  Initially organized in Oakland, the observance was able to stretch its arms by way of Eboni Senai to Chicago where we willing participants embraced the challenge.

As a devoted hug enthusiast, I was excited to be participating in the process this year.  Last year, a small cadre of my Chicago friends had pondered standing about with “Free Hugs!” signage, but none of us had mustered the resolve to act upon the idea.  Hugs draw people near.  Hugs support those whom are falling.  Hugs release tension.  Hugs are perhaps the single greatest mini-massage available to humans able to induce an endorphin rush in the course of two minutes of contact.  Under arm.  Over shoulder.  Draping the waist.  Crossover embrace.  Do you see that I know my hugs?

Black Love In Public will occur again in Chicago at least twice more this year.  Become a member of the fan page on Facebook in order keep abreast of each action as it is announced and join us in planning the next engagement.  Black Hugs needs every advocate the community can spare.

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Free Black Hugs!

We simply won’t stand for the injustice which cages Black Hugs behind stony, rock hardened faces and suppressed feelings. Black Hugs wants freedom. Black Hugs is yearning to live in the light where lies the distinct possibility of engaging Black people.  Especially Black people. Black Hugs wants to be on the scene and be seen in  public. Black Hugs does hereby proclaim privacy a moot point. Black Hugs is now posted on display where justice may become what love looks like when Black Hugs sprouts legs and runs the city.

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Free Black Hugs!

This is no confectionery affection produced in artifice to induce diabetic toxic shock.  Black Hugs is genuine, all natural, nappy rooted movement suited for uses of gluing together community again.  Black Hugs is physically transmitted immunity transmuting human energy with potential to produce a sublime measure of emotional mimicry.  Black Hugs will boldly grab hold of and fold you into a pocketful of personal memory.  Because I will never forget the time I was moping around with my head tilted down when Black Hugs snuck upon to snatch me.

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Free Black Hugs!

Black Hugs is a humble mumble whispering song through cracked glass mosaic and metallic trees of urban jungle.  A leopard cat camouflaged in concrete creeping quietly along the ground now poised to leap upon you.  An equitable method of expressive economic exchange whose investment you should never wish to hold for long.  Take Black Hugs.  Give Black Hugs.  Once you get it, send it on.

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Photography courtesy of Discopoet Khari B.