In honor of the opening of this final Kwanzaa celebration of this decade, I dig into the archives of the study guide designed for the Temple of Applied Theosophy and search out this selection on the opening principle of this festival of first fruits.  I rededicate and redouble my efforts to be in tune with the work and the workers that shall form the new world and the new way for our people this day. – tekhen djehuti

UNITY (UMOJA) – Knowledge: A quality, state, or condition of harmony amongst a group of individuals who persevere toward a particular action or purpose in constant accord without change or deviation. Wisdom: To strive for and maintain unity within self, family, neighborhood, community, people, nation, and world. Understanding: If we understand the supreme reality to be one entity with multiple expressions of Itself, then so should we, individually and collectively, strive to move in complete and total Unity and manifest the creative efficiency of one aim and one action in all areas of life to which we are connected.