The unpacking of the archives continues on this 2nd day of Kwanzaa at a much later hour.  Kujichagalia means self determination.  With each new principle I recite, I can hear in the distance the voices of the children of Betty Shabazz International Charter School performing one of their rituals.  Every aspect of these rituals is a chisel that chips away at those things in this present world which shape their minds in ways we do not desire.  I am reminded Dr. Jifunza explaining to young Akin the inner workings of the semi-monthly Market Day.  I can hear the admonishment that I have received before regarding Jah’kaya.  “She’s just a child.”

What sort of world will arise from the hands of our children if all we ever teach them is the art of being children eternally?  No.  We are forming from our hands the world we wish to appear in our future.  Our children should be no less aware that every moment they allow to escape is another missed opportunity for creation whether they understand it from a literal or symbolic perspective. – tekhen djehuti

SELF-DETERMINATION (KUJICHAGULIA)Knowledge: Firm and definite choice of one’s own acts, character, and state of being beyond external compulsion, influence, and obstruction. Wisdom: To define, name, create, and speak for and of ourselves instead of being defined, named, created, and spoken for and of by others. Understanding: Freedom is not given. Liberation is not a gratuity bestowed upon you by external forces. Nothing in Life worth achieving is delivered unto one’s doorstep. Bequeathed unto each and every Being at the point of Creation is the inherent ability to do for Self and experience one’s own personal Genesis. You can shape your Life and your World in any image you choose, so long as you possess the Self Determination to not be shaped by those things that surround you.