don’t want no change
unless it’s the correct change
a penny for your thoughts
but you negroes
nickel and dime insight
failing to grope the scope
of what’s in your sight
a quarter used to stretch
two butter cookies
six pieces of hard candy
but I have since ceased
the kiddie feast
needing something now
more substantial to eat
nutrient rich and farm fresh
no Whole Foods fashionably organic
requiring me to break a Franklin face
i’d rather see this single dollar circulate
like an untampered stream in an undiscovered glen
somewhere far away from the wiles of men
who corrupt nature’s resource budget
from the very first moment they touch it
but fudge spit
i reclaim the innocence of the very place that you profane
i refuse to plant my flag in declaration of any name or national origin
for I recognize that we are mortal men
destined someday to return to that primordial stew
and I don’t know about you
but I want my children
to be left with something to celebrate
like Earth still close to an inhabitable state
and I refuse to wait
for you to offer me
the correct change.