In the course of curating this space, The Literate Epoch, it has been a rare occasion that I have published anything by way of music with the exception of my recent review of a performance by Aniba Hotep and the Sol Collective.  While the purpose of this space initially hinged upon promoting and building an appreciation of a culture of orality, writing and storytelling, I have continually allowed it to expand to encompass new mediums where there is a need for broadened cultural literacy.

Poetry was the beginning followed by an occasional rant or journal entry.  Then came the book reviews and a selection of philosophical essays.  Event reviews were my most recent effort at weaving together the deeper message of cultural literacy which this blog seeks to impart.  The next frontier which I had thus far found myself wary of tackling is the arena of music and film, but a pep talk from a beautiful fellow traveling soul by the name of Shalay has bolstered confidence in my capacity to offer some measure of insight even in this area.

Some entries will find my thoughts attached.  Others will be allowed to speak for themselves.  All will afford you a glimpse into the musical and visual culture which either inform or represent my writing and personal philosophy.  When this entry graced my social network last Friday, I was struck with a combination of affirmative call and response, overwhelming pride in the brilliant artistic assembly and followed by a resounding echo of truth contained in what appears to be simply music.  The line below was the mantra most resonant to myself within the lyrics.  It is something I have sought to inspire in others through each of my actions within and without the space of writing.  To what are you committed?  How do you exercise your commitment to construct a more just world?

“…let’s do more than protest / let’s make a commitment…”