UnSilenced Woman Press

LOVE ~ Breathing After Rape.
To love, heal, and thrive beyond survival

Edited by Sandria Washington & veronica precious bohanan
Published by UnSilenced Woman Press
Co-sponsored by Rape Victim Advocates

“LOVE ~ Breathing After Rape” is a chapbook that addresses life after rape.  This project is meant to highlight stories by survivors that have transcended being violated by actively choosing to love, heal and thrive.  We are seeking survival accounts of the following:

How you grew to love yourself and others
How you became sex-positive and a healthy sexual being
How do you speak out against rape
How has your relationship with your body evolved
What has been your mental, physical and emotional well-being regimen
What is your evolving process of healing
What is your process of disclosing your experience to lovers

We are also seeking survival letters to yourself, assaulters, your current/past lovers and to other girls, adolescents and women that have or have not experienced such violation.

Submission Guidelines:

DEADLINE: Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

Submissions can be poetry, prose, short stories, journal entries, creative non-fiction and black and white or greyscale original visual images. Images should be sent as jpeg or pdf files. Written submissions should not exceed 350 words and should be sent electronically as an attached PDF file or in the body of the email to veronica@unsilencedwomanpress.com.

About UnSilenced Woman Press

UnSilenced Woman Press exists to cultivate the creativity and voice of girls and womyn of African descent, by publishing emerging and established writers. Our aim is to publish poetry, spoken word, dramatic works, memoirs, historical documents, fiction, art work, documentaries, movie shorts, films, and essays that embrace the many dimensions of being a girl and womon. It is important for us not only to reach the scholarly reader, but we place an equally high priority on making our published works accessible and applicable to that girl or womon on the corner, on the block, behind the confines of the corporate front desk, on lock-down in the prison industrial complex and to those surviving day to day.