What if we did not acknowledge God at all?

What if instead of sending ceaseless energy towards the comprehension of the reality or surreality of by all of the ethereal labels we associate with this idea (All, Universe, Supreme), what if we acknowledged humanity?

How much energy is better implemented towards understanding what we are doing or not doing to shape the world as it presently exists and those conditions which affect the whole of the human family?

The rich tapestry of religion illustrates the creative mental capacity of human beings to give shape to ideas which might serve to improve the state of the world if we actually focused on the implementation of the idea rather than exhausting our time navigating the moral dogmatism which exudes from our superior position as the one whom holds the only true idea.

I don’t hold the truth. I hold a bag filled with questions and each day I journey in search of the answer to the next one that engages me.

For all of the time I have devoted over these past 30 years to musing and minding the notion of God, I have now tabled such a thing as an idea which is past its time in my life.

I should prefer to know what man can do to change his mind and in the course of such change his life. If he can indeed change himself, perhaps he can make some minute or monumental impression which will then change the world.